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CockPorn's neon hardware meets holiness in a dance competition to second death,
while kitchens pile up with mad children and screens turn to a digital blizzard.
God help us all.


Gospodin Brodski - Bad Day

Gospodin Brodski's new movie introduces us to a bad day as a creature with a history,
with geography held together by blinding light, smog and chemtrails trusting us with a cypher of birds.

Gospodin Brodski & Cinament meet Zloom - Inside Blue Animal Plus

Gospodin Brodski, Cinament and Zloom take us into the mute.

Video by Gospodin Brodski.

A majestically low-key journey into the pandemonium mediterraneum,
set to the music of our upcoming bodulfunk trio.

Ducks Records Tumblr Page

We have a new Tumblr page,
at which we will pile us various materials,
from photos from our artists' studios
to flyers, excess artwork, useless visual ideas,
and videos,
so feel free to follow us
and feast on our delicacies.

Ducks Records

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